Groups and group activity at Blyth Resource & Initiative Centre

At BRIC, we have a wide range of skills that come through the door on a daily basis. From creative writing, to writing creatively, we are proud and often showcase work created by each group across our walls, notice boards or online. Each group is self managed and occasionally make small donations for renting the room for free. Their achievements span from featuring work at local venues, art displays, published books and more. These groups are also recruiting! If you like the sound of any of the groups below, then you can register your interest by calling us on 01670 542845 and talking to one of our team. Registration to the group is free, all you have to do once registered is turn up!


Blyth Writers

Blyth Writers began in 1998 as a Disabled Writers Group. Their aim is to help one another to express well on paper. They work both in a group and at home, stimulated by set themes, e.g. relationships, possessions, journeys and dreams. Telling an old story in a new way. They meet every Thursday, but follow the practice of the academic year in having breaks at Easter, Christmas and during the month of August. They have had numerous visiting speakers including Katrina Porteous, Wendy Robertson and a reporter from the Newcastle Journal. The group subscribes to annual membership of the National Association of Writers Groups, receiving its publication ‘LINK’. They publish a selection of writings each summer as a magazine, distributed to members, BRIC, and local libraries. They provide specimens of writing to the Blyth Talking Newspaper and have joined in recordings for distribution to the blind subscribers.


Will Power Writers

Will Power came about after BRIC began a series of writing workshops in 1999. We have six regular members and meet every Friday between 10 am and noon. Each member brings work in progress to the group for reading out and, if requested, critique. It is very friendly and informal though everyone takes their writing seriously. They are all still learning from their mistakes and from one another. The main goal is to carry on exploring and improving as writers of fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry. The last half hour each meeting is devoted to writing on the spot, for fun and writing practice. Anyone who shares their enthusiasm for writing is welcome to join.