Groups and group activity at Blyth Resource & Initiative Centre

At BRIC we have a wide range of skills that come through the door on a daily basis. From creative writing, to writing creatively, we are proud and often showcase work created by each group across our walls, notice boards or online. Each group is self managed and occasionally make small donations for renting the room for free. Their achievements span from featuring work at local venues, art displays, published books and more. These groups are also recruiting! If you like the sound of any of the groups below, then you can register your interest by calling us on 01670 353817 and talking to one of our team. Registration to the group is free, all you have to do once registered is turn up!


Callibric GroupCallibric members met at a two-year calligraphy course at Northumberland College in Blyth. When the course ended, the budding calligraphers decided to continue to meet and moved to BRIC. Meetings are held on a fortnightly basis and members help and encourage each other to do various projects. Workshops are held occasionally when more experienced calligraphers are invited to speak to the group and demonstrate techniques. Trips out to view calligraphy exhibitions have been held, including a very interesting day at Bede's World. Their past projects include a calendar with each month displaying script from one of the members, framed examples of Callibric work have been displayed in Blyth Community Hospital and in various rooms at BRIC. They have also written names on certificates for various schools. This year they have visited Chipchase Castle to view beautiful writing on the chapel alter and Roman fort – Housesteads and will be visiting Bedes World Jarrow for the annual exhibition by northern scribes. Recently they presented a two-week exhibition of their work at Blyth Library.

Harbour Lights

Several people who attended a photography course in the 1990's wanted to continue working together for them and the wider community and so formed three groups. As time passed by they amalgamated to form the two groups BRIC has at the centre today. The Tuesday afternoon group Harbour Lights is an experienced group of photographers who meet and discuss their work and exchange ideas. The Friday morning group is of mixed ability and is run as a drop in for anyone who needs a little bit of help with digital photography and computer skills. Olive occasionally sets challenges for the members relating to photography and taking photographs. Some members joined camera clubs and some have had exhibits of their photographs. They help each other out when it comes to cameras, taking photos and using new programmes and software related to manipulating their images.

Blyth Writers

Blyth Writers began in 1998 as a Disabled Writers Group. Their aim is to help one another to express well on paper. They work both in a group and at home, stimulated by set themes, e.g. relationships, possessions, journeys and dreams. Telling an old story in a new way. They meet every Thursday, but follow the practice of the academic year in having breaks at Easter, Christmas and during the month of August. They have had numerous visiting speakers including Katrina Porteous, Wendy Robertson and a reporter from the Newcastle Journal. The group subscribes to annual membership of the National Association of Writers Groups, receiving its publication 'LINK'. They publish a selection of writings each summer as a magazine, distributed to members, BRIC, and local libraries. They provide specimens of writing to the Blyth Talking Newspaper and have joined in recordings for distribution to the blind subscribers.

Disabled Friends

It all began early in 2004 when Annette Hand, the Parkinson Nurse Consultant gathered together a group who had artistic tendencies. They put together an exhibition at the Woodhorn Colliery site and it was well attended. They then became friends and decided to keep in contact after the exhibition closed. BRIC offered them a home and they have been here every Tuesday ever since. Parky's People, a name of their choice, changed when 'friends' were added to take into consideration friends, carers and minders. In September 2011 they renamed themselves `Disabled Friends'. These weekly meetings serve as a place where they can forget about their disabilities and socialise in a comfortable environment. The group likes to play dominoes, Scrabble, cards. Some bring in paintings, knitting and sewing and they organise outings where they go to garden centres and have a look around and then have lunch together. The members enjoy the social aspect of the group and enjoy a laugh and joke. Some group members have undertaken IT courses. New members are always welcome.

Poetry Group

The poetry group was founded in 2002 with the kind help of Mr Michael York, an educationalist and poet. Since his recent retirement the group now continues to meet, with no member holding more authority than others. Poems on a chosen topic are read and discussed in a friendly atmosphere with complete freedom of interpretation. Any member can select topics for future meetings if they so wish. There is no need for members to write poetry as long as the incredible range, the beauty, structure and form of poetry is appreciated. If you can write poems then that is seen as a bonus. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 10:30 to 12:30 and new members are made welcome. Recent themes have included Geordie Poems (September), childhood (October), Travel (November) and finance (December). Every February, they have a tradition known as Free Choice Month where they can bring in any poem they like.


Adobric GroupAdobric was formed in 1995 after BRIC hosted 2 courses on digital manipulation. Several people who had attended these courses decided to keep meeting to further their Adobe and Photoshop skills. The group meet every Wednesday between 10:00 and 12:00 and offer a photo repair service to the public for a small fee to cover expenses. They also offer help and advice to anyone wanting to know more about digital manipulation. Seaton Sluice resident Peter Jubb is currently doing research for a book about the old Seaton Sluice School. Adobric are enhancing and repairing photos from that era for the book. Alan, a member of the group, does photography for Seaton Delaval Scouts.

Will Power Writers

Will Power came about after BRIC began a series of writing workshops in 1999. We have six regular members and meet every Friday between 10 am and noon. Each member brings work in progress to the group for reading out and, if requested, critique. It is very friendly and informal though everyone takes their writing seriously. They are all still learning from their mistakes and from one another. The main goal is to carry on exploring and improving as writers of fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry. The last half hour each meeting is devoted to writing on the spot, for fun and writing practice. Anyone who shares their enthusiasm for writing is welcome to join.