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From the most basic beginner’s courses to something for the more developed user, BRIC has its own IT suite and dedicated trainers.

Basic IT/ Online Basics (Entry Level)
Course Dates:
Tues 9th Jan – Thurs 25th Jan
Tues 30th Jan – Thurs 15th Feb
Tues 13th Mar – Thurs 29th Mar
Course Length:
 Tuesdays and Thursdays for 3 weeks
: This course is ideal for anyone with very little experience of computers, with the option to gain a qualification. Topics
– Mouse & keyboard control
– Searching online
– Staying safe online
– Emails
– Completing online forms
– Accessing health services online

IT for Job Seekers (Entry Level)
Course Dates:
Mon 8th Jan– Wed 24th Jan
Mon 29th Jan– Wed 14th Feb
Mon 12th Mar – Wed 28th Mar
Course Length: Mondays and Wednesdays, 1pm – 3pm for 3 weeks
Details: Covers everything from the Basic IT course with more support and focus on Universal Job Match and job searching.

Over 50’s Basic IT
Course Dates: Tues 20th Feb – Thurs 8th Mar
Course Length: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1pm – 3pm for 3 weeks;
Details: A flexible course for anyone over 50, with very little experience of computers. It includes;
– Mouse & keyboard control
– Searching online
– Staying safe online
– Emails
– Accessing health services online

Compter Skills for the Office
Course Dates:
Fri 12th Jan – Fr 16th Feb 1pm – 3pm
Fri 23rd Feb – Fri 23rd Mar 1pm – 3pm
Course Length: Four weeks
Details: A great course which covers the skills needed to work in an office environment whether paid or volunteering, covering:
– Word processing
– Desktop Publishing
– Spreadsheets
– Graphs
– Presentations
– Posters

Basic Spreadsheets
Course Dates: Mon 19th Feb 1pm – 3pm
Details: Spreadsheets are a practical resource – once you know how they work! Find out where they can be useful in everyday life, how to input text, numbers and use basic formulae to calculate figures.

Using Email
Course Dates: Mon 26th Feb 1pm – 3pm
Details: Create an email account or learn how to use an existing one. Find out how to send and receive emails, as well as attaching and opening documents and photos.

Online Security
Course Dates: Mon 5th Mar 1pm – 3pm
Details: Learn how to stop viruses, malware and spyware, identify phishing emails and spam, as well as the damage they can do. Find out how to shop safely online and to recognise safe sites. Explore security settings for social media and how to stay safe online.