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In deprived wards across Blyth, families and individuals are facing tough economic times with many wanting to get back into work but find it difficult to compete with having low or no skills. When people find new jobs or are on benefits, often the income isn’t enough and they struggle to make ends meet. As a result of donations, more than 5,000 centre users each year are accessing tailored services for them, including adult learning, free computer access and training, one to one support, benefits advice, mental wellbeing strategies and more. So far this year we have given at least 21 people support into jobs (which is almost one per week), thanks to your donations. By continuing your generosity, you are helping match great jobs with great people, breaking the welfare reliance cycle and raising aspirations for families and their children.


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Getting the right support

Your donations directly help BRIC to support the most vulnerable and those furthest away from the jobs market to re-train, learn new skills and become inspired to make positive changes to their lives. We work with the people who need support, not to decide what they should be doing, but to support them to decide what they would like to do, what help they need to accomplish what they want to achieve and help them to make this possible.

Supporting education


The difference you can make by donating is enormous, each £10 we receive enables us to provide an hour of CV support, job searching, employer engagement, computer training, course arranging, signposting, guidance and importantly giving those in need the confidence and pride to go forward.

Giving a little - helps a lot.

Brighter Future
  • Identifying client needs
  • Offering a friendly atmosphere
  • Updating CV and Cover Letters
  • Finding the right support
Continued Support
  • Tackle barriers to work
  • Increase confidence and motivation
  • Provide qualification opportunities
  • Train in mock interviews
  • Engage with clients and employers


Breaking through the ice

It is not easy to tackle the lack of confidence and motivation people are faced with when it comes to getting into work after long periods of unemployment, or often even gaining a job for the first time. That is why we put time and effort into identifying the needs of our centre users so we can provide the effective support required to start the back to work process. We listen and collaborate daily with experts from various professions as well as centre users to identify issues, address the barriers people are faced with, voice concerns and offer solutions to put plans into place to progress people closer to the work place.


Working Together Teamwork

Through this work we have created programmes to guide people through the changes that are inevitably going to be effecting the benefits system, techniques to get a CV noticed by employers, courses to gain qualifications, confidence and motivation workshops, dealing with difficult situations and more. This is all possible thanks to generous donations. Without the generosity of people and charitable organisations, we simply wouldn't be able to offer the life-changing support that unemployed people need to make a difference to their situations.

Looking to the future

Donations are helping to shape the way we develop our resources in order to provide the best support possible in a changing jobs market and welfare state. Finding new ways to combat unemployment in Blyth is what is driving us forward. We want to help more local people gain the confidence to start earning. To continue developing processes to actively support people to find work, look for opportunities locally and give people the best chance of succeeding to secure work. Your donations are making this possible.

Future Thinking

Would you like to get involved and support us to achieve our goals? To help BRIC give local people the support they need to find work and change their lives for good. There are several ways in which you can help and support BRIC such as volunteering, fundraising, writing courses, supporting our staff, becoming a Trustee, regular donations, one off donations, donate a car, shopping online name a few more.

Brighter Future
  • Provide continued support
  • Keeping job opportunities in reach
  • Developing new partnerships 
  • Writing new courses
  • Funding your future
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